RepoDB - A hybrid ORM library for .NET.

It is an open-source .NET ORM library that bridges the gaps of micro-ORMs and full-ORMs. It helps you simplify the switch-over of when to use the BASIC and ADVANCE operations during the development.

You can use the library to work with SQL Server, SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS).

Supported Databases

The execute methods below supports all RDBMS data providers.

Whereas the fluent methods below only supports the SQL Server, SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL RDBMS data providers.

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Documentation and Tutorials

Please visit our official documentation here.

Bug Reporting

Submit an issue into RepoDB > Issues tab at GitHub.

We have some guidelines when filing an issue, please see our Reporting an Issue page.

Otherwise, we also entertain via:


RepoDB is licensed under Apache-2.0.